Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation Day 3

Disneyland here we are! I did my best to prepare for large crowds but it was still overwhelming how many people were there!

First up was the classic Merry go round and Dumbo.

Tea Cups are a must.

The kids insisted riding by themselves on the bus rides to and from the hotel.

I did my best to convince Aiden we were possibly flying into space on the Star Tours ride. During the ride he quickly figured out we weren't in space and proceeded to yell over the music and sound effects how it was actually "JUST A MOVIE ON A SCREEN LIKE AT THE MOVIE THEATER....BUT THE ROBOT (flying the ship) IS REAL."

Tinker Bell's forest and a some dance lessons from the Disney princesses.

Today was a tough day for me as it was Uncle Andrew's birthday. I think about him everyday. Although I have a game face on for the kids and general public it doesn't mean I'm not hurting inside for Andrew everyday at any given time. Happy Birthday Andrew, I love you.

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