Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacation Day 1

Left home at 4:30am and arrived in Vegas after a good 7 hour drive at 10:30am (there's a 1 hour time change). We couldn't check into our hotel until 1pm so we decided to hit the streets.

Characters were on the streets so Macie and Aiden were able to meet all kinds of their favorite super heroes. Of course we also had to stop by M&M world for awhile.

A photographer was nice enough to take the picture with our camera after she took one with her pro camera setup. She invited us to look her version for purchase which I quickly realized was photo-shopped with a nice Alaskan background and Vegas logo while my version was a plain green screen background. Tricky Vegas! I told Amie no thanks and I photo-shopped my own cheesy background!

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe where we celebrated Macie's 4th Birthday with presents, singing and ice cream!

Long first day for the birthday girl.

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